at spasi, we work with finite space to develop infinite ideas.

through injecting human elements into your label. breathing life into your brands and adding sensibilities and creative flair into the recipe to create a story that is solely yours to tell.

every implementations embody functionality alongside aesthetic approach.

starting with a blank space.

we are;
introverts trying to run a multidisciplinary creative house specialising in branding and graphic design and so far it has worked.. our clients can vouch for us, thankfully.

what we think we do best is to to provide creative solutions to brands’ concern through unique and versatile approach to problems and so far it has worked wonderfully. phew.

we have worked alongside clients from different industries to tell a story that is uniquely theirs, and as of today, we have not a single disgruntled client. if you’ve heard of any, please let us know.

so we have decided to continue and do this craft that clearly brings us joy and pay our bills.

when not putting ideas into paper and designing, you can find us squabbling internally in passive aggressiveness, stroking the cat’s belly, staring silently on the computer fighting inner monologues and venturing around the capital looking for inspirations on the street and munching our food while we’re at it too.

we do;
art direction, artwork, branding, campaign ideation, copywriting, design consultation, editorial, graphic and digital design, illustration, packaging, photography, promotion, wesbite design.

if you like to contribute to our paycheck, help us feed our cat or simply to chat with us about your ideas.

being introverts, we are shy in nature so it’d be nice if you can say ‘hi’ first by sending us a virtual query here at and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.